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Cart Analysis

Year-Round Benefits subscribers are eligible for a Shopping Cart Analysis feature from DotFeed. This allows you to extract customer cart details from your AspDotNetStorefront website into a CSV file.

What you need to get started:

  • DotFeed Cloud - DotFeed Cloud is part of our high-value bundle called Year-Round Benefits
    - Not sure ‚Äčif you have this? Come on to LiveChat and work with an agent to find out!
  • Installed DotFeed Connector Learn how!

Once you've met all of the above requirements, setup is easy! Follow the instructions below.

Cart Analysis - Step 1

Login to your DotFeed account and click the "Cart Analysis" tab.

Cart Analysis - Step 2

Choose the store you wish to retrieve information on

Cart Analysis - Step 3

Next, choose the type of cart item.

Cart Analysis - Step 4

Select the date range you want to review.

Cart Analysis - Step 5

Once you have selected from all the dropdowns you are ready to export the information from your store. Click on the "Export Cart Items" button.

Cart Analysis - Step 6

The Excel file will download all the cart information from your store. Take some time to review each of the fields because you will find valuable information on your shoppers, their orders and much more.

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