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CloudFlare Configuration

Sites using the CloudFlare service will need to do one quick extra configuration step within their CloudFlare accounts to enable the DotFeed service to run properly:


1 - Log in to your CloudFlare account.


2 - From the 'Select Website' dropdown at the top, choose the domain you're setting up DotFeed on.




3 - Click the 'Page Rules' button in the top menu:



4 - Click the 'Create Page Rule' button:




5 - Enter *yourdomain.com/dotfeed* in the box at the top of the window that opens.  The * at the start and end of the string tell CloudFlare to use this rule on any combination of http, https, www, non-www, etc and for any extension & querystring value of the dotfeed endpoint.  If you're site is at .co.uk or something else other than .com, use that instead.



6 - Then click the 'Add a Setting' link:



7 - In the dropdown that appears, choose 'Disable Security' and then click 'Save and Deploy'. Note that this only disables some of CloudFlare's extended security services on

this specific page. SSL and the other security features used by the DotFeed service itself will continue to function and keep your data safe.



That's it! CloudFlare will know to ignore requests to the DotFeed endpoint and allow your site to handle them normally so the service works properly.


NOTE: It's possible that CloudFlare will change their UI in the future. In the event of these screenshots not quite matching their pages exactly, they have

their own directions on adding a page rule that should work: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200168306-Is-there-a-tutorial-for-PageRules-

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