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Discovery Channels: Creating an Amazon Product Ads Account

Creating an Amazon Product Ads Account

  1. Go to Amazon Product Ads to log in or to register a new account.


  2. Select Inventory from the main dashboard and go to Upload Products & Inventory.


  3. Select Upload Inventory Files and in the drop-down menu, choose FTP Setting


  4. Make sure to write down your FTP login and passwordto use in your DotFeed Account.



What's Next?

Now that you've created your Amazon Product Ads Account, go back to Discovery Channels -- Amazon: Setting up your DotFeed Account .


Scheduling Amazon

Merchants cannot set a schedule for Amazon to pick up their data. However, roughly every 12 hours, DotFeed supplies Amazon with fresh data from your store. Amazon must then upload and index your feed prior to displaying it.


Amazon Data Dictionary

Review Amazon's Data Dictionary to make sure that the fields populated in your storefront will tranfer appropriately to Amazon. Also visit Amazon Hints & Tips .



A timeout error is displayed about a feed being too large when browsing directly to your Feed Endpoint URL.

Use a different browser; for example, try Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

Some browsers will impose a timeout even if a page is still processing.

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