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Discovery Channels: Paying with Amazon

Using Checkout By Amazon as a Payment Method

Although you already have an Amazon Product Ads Account, you will need to create a second account in order to use Checkout By Amazon.
  1. Go to Checkout By Amazon to create your account. Select the Sell Professionally option.


  2. Enter your information into the registration wizard generated by Amazon.

  4. After you create your Checkout by Amazon Account, you must link it to your Amazon Product Ads Account. Follow the instructions in the image below, provided by Amazon.


  5. After your accounts are linked, go to the Integration tab in your Checkout by Amazon Account and select Pre-Integrated Cart from the drop-down menu.


  6. Write down your Merchant ID, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key on your CBA Worksheet to use in confirguring Payments in your DotFeed account. For an example, review the blue-highlighted information in the example below.


  7. In your DotFeed Account, enter the Merchant ID, Access Key and Secret Access Key and Save Configuration.


  8. Go back into your Checkout by Amazon Account and select Settings and go to Checkout Pipeline Settings


  9. Find the section called, Instant Order Processing Notification Settings, and select Edit. 



  11. Save your changes.

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