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Discovery Channels: Submitting to Google

Before submitting your new Discovery Channel feed to the Google Merchant Center, make sure that:


  • Your DotFeed Connector is installed

  • You have configured your Discovery Channel-DotFeed account and set up your Minisite.

  • All your DotFeed Rules are set up.


    Submitting your feed to Google

    1. Go to the Google Merchant Center to log in or to register a new account.


    2. Once inside your Merchant Account Dashboard, click on Data Feeds and select New Data Feed. If you have existing data feeds, then pause them while creating this new one.



    4. Select your Target Country and then select googlebase as Format.


    5. For Data Feed Filename create a file called something like "anyname.txt" because DotFeed doesn't need this file but you must create it to move forward in this process.

    7. Click Save Changes.

    9. Click Create a Schedule for your new feed.

    11. Set the schedule for when you would like the feed to update. 

    13. Enter the Feed Endpoint URL from your DotFeed Account into the Feed URL field in the scheduling screen. Do not enter any login credentials, however.

    15. Click Schedule to save or Schedule and Fetch Now to save and have Google retrieve the feed for the first time right now.


    Configuring Shipping and Tax in Google

    When you are selling from a minisite, you need to configure your shipping and tax rates in your Google Merchant Account. Be aware of these limitations:


    • If you do not charge customers tax, then you are slightly limited in your shipping options:


      • If Tax is set to Not Charging Tax and you have Shipping set to $0.00 or Free, your delivery speed must be at least 3 days. Otherwise, the feed will send an error message that you are missing shipping and tax (review the yellow highlighting in the image below).

      • But if you charge as little as $1.00 for shipping, Google will allow you to select 1 Day Shipping Speed alongside Not Charging Tax without errors.


    Google Product Feed Specifications

    Each channel has specific requirements that determine how your product data has to be formatted. While DotFeed does most of the work for you, it's important to know what the specifications are so you can know which storefront values you might want to override and which DotFeed rules you need to set up. You can access Google Product Specifications here or through your Google Merchant account.


    Depending on the number of products, a feed may take a long time to run. The DotFeed service will not time out/give up processing your feed unless an error is encountered.

    You receive a timeout error or message about a feed/download being too large when browsing directly to your Feed Endpoint URL.

    Use a different browser; for example, try Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

    Some browsers will impose a timeout even if a page is still processing.


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