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Order Export

Year-Round Benefits subscribers are eligible for a powerful Order Export feature from DotFeed. This allows you to extract order details from your AspDotNetStorefront website into a CSV file.

What you need to get started:

  • DotFeed Cloud - DotFeed Cloud is part of our high-value bundle called Year-Round Benefits
    - Not sure ​if you have this? Come on to LiveChat and work with an agent to find out!
  • Installed DotFeed Connector - Learn how!

Once you've met all of the above requirements, setup is easy! Follow the instructions below.

Order Export - Step 1

*Note: If you are already using DotFeed Channels, you can skip this step. DotFeed already knows about your store and will complete this step for you.​


Enter your store's path to the DotFeed connector. The URL is case sensitive. Copy and paste the path exactly, changing only your store's domain name: https://www.yourdomain.com/DotFeed.aspx.


Next, enter your DotFeed Access Key (you will have already established your access key as part of the DotFeed Connector Installation).


Remember to save...

Order Export - Step 2

To export orders from your store, first select the website you'd like to export your orders from. You can choose to filter by Order Number or Date, using the range fields below to refine your export. When ready, click Export Orders.



I don't see an Order Export Tab in my DotFeed account! 
Check to make sure that you meet the requirements for this feature. Have you purchased Year-Round benefits? Have you signed up for the Order Export feature? Are you logged in with the correct account?


Why can't I see orders from my other stores? Why isn't my website in the dropdown list? 
If you are not taking advantage of DotFeed Channels, you will only be able to configure the Order Export for a single store. If you are using DotFeed Channels, the dropdown menu on the Order Export screen will automatically find your AspDotNetStorefront stores for you.


To get the most out of this feature, we recommend that you first establish at least one DotFeed Channel. Aside from the obvious benefits to using DotFeed Channels, there are two main reasons you might want to set up channels before exporting orders:

  1. Setup becomes easier, because DotFeed already knows about your store and will use the configuration you already have in place
  2. Once you have channels configured in your account, you can export orders from multiple stores


You can purchase channels from your DotFeed Platform, or from the DotFeed website , note that if you have purchased Year Round Benefits, you already have the DotFeed Platform (Integrated Channel Manager).


Need help? Please, get in touch with us!

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