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Configuring a channel - Bing Shopping

Where Do I Start?

If you have not set up your Bing merchant account, go to the Bing adCenter to register.

Bing Merchant Requirements

Bing has important requirements, of which we share key points below. For more detailed information, see Bing Product Ads Solutions and How-to docs.


  1. Your store must be domiciled in the United States. A good test is if your company or U.S. subsidiary has a U.S. Employer
  2. Identification Number (EIN).
  3. You must conduct transactions in U.S. Dollars (USD).
  4. You must conduct legal transactions.
  5. You must not sell illegal or restricted products.

Configuring your Bing Channel in DotFeed's Management Console

  1. Log in to your DotFeed Account 
  2. Find your new Shopzilla channel and then click on Manage and select Configuration.
  3. Copy and paste the entire Feed Endpoint file path and place it in a text file for reference later, when you are submitting your feed (see this page) . This value MUST end in .txt when you set it up in your Bing account.

  4. If the Store Endpoint and Access Key fields are empty, follow the directions in the image below:

    • Store Endpoint (required)
      This field must contain your domain name in the format https://www.mystorename.com/DotFeed.aspx, or https://store.mydomain.net/DotFeed.aspx .
      The point here is that you must include "https://" and you must end with the extension "/DotFeed.aspx" (not case sensitive).
    • Access Key (required)
      This should match the value you put in the DotFeed.AccessKey AppConfig on your site while installing the DotFeed Connector - since you are installing an additional channel, you should be copying the Access Key from a previously installed channel.
    • Nickname (optional)
      This will help you identify your store/channel as you invest in a growing number of DotFeed Channels. Use any range of alphanumeric characters, including spaces.
  5. Once you have entered your values, click the Save Configuration and then the Validate Endpoint button. You should see confirmation that Validation was successful.

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