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Google Shopping - Data Dictionary (Section 6)

Taxes and Shipping

Taxes and shipping are an important part of the total cost of items. In fact, shipping cost is the most common reason for users abandoning their shopping choices. The 'tax' attribute is only applicable to feeds targeting the US - for all other countries, value added tax (VAT) has to be included in the price.

There are three ways to specify tax (US only) and shipping costs:

  1. Settings in the Merchant Center: We offer various ways to specify tax and shipping costs if your pricing structure is relatively simple. For example, if you have one shipping price for all your items, or if you use a structure based on the weight of the packaged item (in that case, include the shipping weight attribute), our system can easily accommodate your tax and shipping information. Learn more.
  2. Attributes in the feed: By using the tax and shipping attributes below, you can model more complex tax and shipping cost structures.
  3. Combination of the two: You can specify default tax and shipping information in the Merchant Center, and then override those defaults for certain products by specifying the attributes below.

You are required to use one of the ways above to specify tax and shipping in the US, and only shipping information in the UK, Germany and France.

If you can’t provide accurate tax or shipping information, please provide estimates. For example, you can provide tax as well as shipping cost for each product and state individually by using the tax and shipping attributes. Please estimate tax and shipping costs such that the total cost in Product Search results is either correct or overestimated for the majority of users.

Definition of Google Tax

tax [tax]

DotFeed assumes that you will feed your tax rules to Google Merchant Center, although you can use the rules engine to populate "tax" at a product level.

Definition of Google Shipping

shipping [shipping]

DotFeed assumes that you will feed your shipping rules to Google Merchant Center, although you can use the rules engine to populate "shipping" at a product level.

Definition of Google Shipping Weight

shipping weight [shipping_weight] - Weight of the item for shipping

DotFeed will extract and feed this information for you, assuming that you have populated the weight field in your AspDotNetStorefront store.

This is the weight of the product used to calculate the shipping cost of the item. If you have specified a global shipping rule that is dependent on shipping weight, this attribute will be used to calculate the shipping cost of the item automatically.

When to include: Required if you have set up a shipping rule in the Merchant Center that is based on weight.



  • The weight must include a number and a unit of weight. We accept the following units: lb, pound, oz, ounce, g, gram, kg, kilogram.

Definition of Google Promotion ID

promotion id [promotion_id] - Match products to Merchant promotions

DotFeed will need some rules to follow and in most cases a master list of promotion IDs with their applicable product IDs should be uploaded to DotFeed in Lookup Data  

An identifier that allows to you match products to Merchant promotions

When to include: Optional (Required for Merchant Promotions in Australia, France, Germany, India, the UK and the US)



  • Max 50 Characters
  • Use a unique and case sensitive ID without spaces or symbols (e.g., %, !)
  • To map specific promotions to specific products, submit the same promotion_​id in your product data and promotion data
  • Submit up to 10 promotion IDs for one product by including this attribute multiple times

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