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Configuring a channel - Shopzilla

 After you follow the steps here, please see the details on how to submit your product feed to Shopzilla.

Configuring your Shopzilla Channel in DotFeed's Management Console

  1. Log in to your DotFeed Account
  2. Find your new Shopzilla channel and then click on Manage and select Configuration.
  3. Copy and paste the entire Feed Endpoint file path and place it in a text file for reference later, when you are submitting your feed (see this page) .This file MUST end in .txt when you set it up in your Shopzilla account.

  4. If the Store Endpoint and Access Key fields are empty, follow the directions in the image below:

    • Store Endpoint (required)
      This field must contain your domain name in the format https://www.mystorename.com/DotFeed.aspx, or https://store.mydomain.net/DotFeed.aspx .
      The point here is that you must include "https://" and you must end with the extension "/DotFeed.aspx" (not case sensitive).
    • Access Key (required)
      This should match the value you put in the DotFeed.AccessKey AppConfig on your site while installing the DotFeed Connector - since you are installing an additional channel, you should be copying the Access Key from a previously installed channel.
    • Nickname (optional)
      This will help you identify your store/channel as you invest in a growing number of DotFeed Channels. Use any range of alphanumeric characters, including spaces.
  5. Once you have entered your values, click the Save Configuration and then the Validate Endpoint button. You should see the word Valid.

Setting up Rules

Shopzilla may require you to set up rules to format your data the way the Shopzilla wants you to including any special values that you prefer to use.

Rules are used to change the information sent to channels in order to optimize some of the data that comes straight out of your storefront, or add in values that channels require that the storefront can't provide. Rules have to be set up manually for each channel. For information on how rules work in general and how to add them, see this page. Each channel has a Feed Spec that determines how your product data has to be formatted. While DotFeed does most of the work for you, it's important to know what the Shopzilla Feed Spec requires so that you can adjust your product information accurately.

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