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Submitting to Shopzilla

Is Your DotFeed Channel Set Up Already?

In order to successfully set up Shopzilla, follow these directions to configure it inside your DotFeed account. Before proceeding you should see some indication of activity. Date ----- #### items have been refreshed and ready for pickup. This can take up to 24hrs.

Now that your channel is refreshed and your feed file has been built we can move on to configuring your data feed at Shopzilla's end!

Registering your Merchant Account in Shopzilla

To begin the merchant registration process at Shopzilla, go here: http://merchant.shopzilla.com

After you have registered, you can submit your data.

Select the link to Register

Step 1 of 5 - Select the target country for your campaign.

Step 2 of 5 - Enter Your Website's URL

Step 3 of 5 - Verify Your Information

Step 4 of 5 - Activate Your Account (A validation email will be sent to the address you provide, be sure you'll have access to confirm that the address is yours.)

Step 5 of 5 - Account Activated!

Select payment method for your ads. You'll then be forwarded to a screen that wants your billing information. This can be skipped for the time being but will eventually be required.

Now that your account is activated you can setup your feed!

Submit a Product Listings Datafeed

Log in to your Shopzilla merchant account here: http://merchant.shopzilla.com

Shopzilla first asks that you fund the account. Your feed will not be processed until your merchant account is funded.

Click the Manage Listings tab.
Then Submit and Update Your Product Listings Datafeed.

Click Submit My Feed.

Select the Radio Button for Use my own FTP / HTTP / HTTPS location

Fill in the fields as follows;

Type: HTTP
Domain: service.dotfeed.com
Path: /Shopzilla/
Filename: Your Feed Endpoint here with .txt extension instead of .csv
File Encoding: Auto-detected

Then click Next.

You will have a chance to verify your settings, click Validate to continue. If you see a problem, clicking validate will error out and from there you will have an option to go back and Edit.

If everything goes just right you should see a success message; SUCCESS! Your Product Data Feed has been updated.

NOTE: If it has not been at least 12 hours since you configured the channel in DotFeed, you will see an error similar to; Oops! There is an error with your Product Data Feed file. We were unable to verify your feed file. Please recheck your settings and verify that your file has been uploaded.

Shopzilla Categories

Review the Shopzilla categories before submitting your feed to make sure that you are using their taxonomy of categories correctly. The Feed Specs that you've already downloaded can provide more information also.



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