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Submitting to Pricegrabber

Once you have Configured PriceGrabber in your DotFeed Account, you are ready to submit your feed.

Submitting your feed to PriceGrabber.com

  1. Create a PriceGrabber.com merchant account here: https://partner.pricegrabber.com/mss_main.php?ccode=us

  2. Once you have a merchant account, you can configure your Feed Format.
  3. In your PriceGrabber Merchant Account, in the screen Edit Feed Properties, paste in the Feed URL you copied from your DotFeed Account into the field, What is the URL of your feed?
    NOTE: If the feed extention is TXT, then change it to CSV or ".csv"
    Review the image below.

  4. Click the Save Changes button
  5. In the next screen, PriceGrabber will review your settings so the feed configuration is now pending.
  6. Wait time is about 1 week from completed application. Check back after this time for status of the account.

PriceGrabber Feed Specifications

You can also review these feed specifications from inside your PriceGrabber Merchant Account.

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