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PriceGrabber Overview

With PriceGrabber.com you can gain access to 26 million active, qualified and ready-to-buy shoppers on a monthly basis.

At PriceGrabber.com, shoppers can find and compare virtually any product they want to buy - including yours. Shoppers are given the product, pricing and merchant information they need in order to make a confident purchase from the right merchant at the right price. PriceGrabber.com connects buyers to sellers of all sizes and scope, from large traditional retailers (such as Office Depot, Best Buy and Walmart), to small local store owners, and even individuals who use PriceGrabber Storefronts.

PriceGrabber offers unique comparison shopping services such as: detailed product information and reviews, BottomLinePrice calculations (tax and shipping calculated in price), merchant ratings and reviews, side-by-side product comparisons and best price email notifications.

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