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Shopping.com Channel Overview

Shopping.com, an eBay company, is one of the leading shopping destinations for a huge range of products from thousands of recognized brands and online stores. Shopping.com offers easy search tools, great content and quick navigation, along with millions of product and merchant reviews from Shopping.com users.

Shopping.com aims to help online shoppers by providing easy comparison features, helping to inform users to make purchasing decisions and leading consumers straight to the products they're seeking.

  • Unbiased product reviews by ePinions.
  • One of the fastest growing Comparison Shopping Networks.
  • Carries retailers gift cards as products.
  • An innovative value-based pricing model.
  • Product performance reporting to optimize and improve your product feeds.

With DotFeed, you can automatically feed your partial or full product catalog to Shopping.com to be incorporated into their inviting, easy-to-navigate, conversion-optimized shopping portal.


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