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Submitting to Shopping.com

Submitting your feed to Shopping.com only takes a couple of minutes once you have the details of the feed itself put together. The best way to do this - and the way that we cover in the most detail below - is to get your account set up and enter the details in the form fields we discuss below and then follow the instructions discussed in Configuring a channel - Shopping.com

Submitting your feed to Shopping.com

  1. First, create a merchant account on shopping.com. — https://merchant.shopping.com/enroll/HomePage.html?country=US
  2. Click the "Join Today" button.
  3. Complete the sign up process.
  4. Click on the "Products" tab.
  5. Click on the "Add or Update Products" link.


  6. The settings for the datafeed file on the following screen will be based on choices you make for your particualr configuration. Item number 5 requires a "Datafeed file url" which is covered in the Configuring a channel - Shopping.com page of this manual.

  7. Paste in the datafeed file url (EndPoint) in the first field and mark the radio selection to "Retrieve from my own FTP or HTTP location".


  8. Click on the "Submit Datafeed" link. Match up the multiple items in the "Your Datafeed File Columns" to the "Shopping.com Columns" using the dropdowns.


9.  Click the "Continue" button to save your changes.

10. Your Merchant Account Center changes can take up to 6 to 8 hours to update and allow 24 hours for your inventory to appear/update on the Shopping.com site.



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